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A$AP Nast - Get the Bag lyrics

Feat : A$AP MOB & A$AP Ant & A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky & A$AP TyY & Playboi Carti & Smooky Margielaa

[Intro: A$AP Ant]
Uh, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh

[Verse 1: A$AP Ant]
Gucci, that Prada, that Fendi
Ice Cube, all about the Benjis
Spend ten bands in Fendi
A$AP, my n***as with me
n***as be talking that bullsh**
Your main b**h said I look gorgeous
What I spent on my chain, that's your mortgage (cash out)
Brand new Porsche came with some horses
Sipping that purple like Prince
.40 my tool, that's my wrench
Ballin' like J-Kidd, a**ist
Shootin that three like a swish

[Verse 2:A$AP Twelvyy]
Moving in silence, I need me some guidance
I'm wildin' this money and violence
Come out the projects, I want it, I got it
Margiela just running through college
Fresh out the Porsche, check out my shorts
Best from the west to the north
Catching some rec with my thots, aye
Getting a check for my thoughts, aye
Dripping in jelly, I trap off a celly
I look like I'm rich in the 80's
Droop with the grippy, I cruise through the bity
I'm buggin out crazy, no brazy

[Verse 3: Smooky MarGielaa]
Ski mask on me so them n***as can't trace me
Car is so fast when I skrt they can't chase me
Margiela Marino now she wanna date me
She see the money, now she tryna play me
Hope out the Rari, go vroom
I never lack, I stay with goons
And you know Gucci my shoes
Breaking the rules, stay on the news
And you know my shot go swish
Shoot from a three point, boy I won't miss
Smooky just caught a new lick
Diamonds don't drip, don't front, you get hit

[Verse 4: A$AP Rocky]
Funny vibes, I can sense something different in the air
It's like a weight being lifted
Take some hatred, oh I get it
Really trippin' cause you broke and you in your feelings
Let her go, she in her feelings
n***as can't tell you sh**, man, don't know the difference
When you're in your twenties making parents' livid
Cause you making millions
Make em wanna live it than you make a living
Over what you spent and making poor decisions
Music for the children, hope they make it
Major even independent, free them out the penni'
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Keep him out the prison, writing freedom with the pen and pencil
MTV about a Interstitial
f** with me because it's beneficial
Unsuspected like an incidental

[Verse 5: A$AP TyY]
Chasing that bag
2017, 2018
They breaking my hoes in half
Come on through stunting too
Looking like a n***a dad
Foreign b**hes, pull up
Type of b**hes n***a wish he had
Looking in the mirror, vision getting clearer
I see why you mad
Chickens coming in, they gotta go
She ain't f**ing then she gotta go
Wanna see me drown, I gotta float
Best believe I get it by the boat
Thirsty b**h, she wanna sit up in it
Had your b**h and she be lickin' in it
Car so big she wanna get up in it
Tell the b**h to chill but she still catching feelings

[Verse 6: Playboi Carti]
[.45 that] chopper, it ready to spit on you n***as
All of my b**hes, they f**ing, they acting siddity
Ya, stacking the guap, feel like Diddy
All of my b**hes get millie
Popping that molly prescription
All of my n***as they dishing
I just go hard in the kitchen
b**hes they f**in', they lickin'
Carti, I'm getting that, uh
Told her go mind her own business

[Verse 7: A$AP Ferg]
‘Fore I die, I'mma make a billie
Stack a couple millie, 'Rari in the billy
House upon the hilly, diamonds getting chilly
Bunch of indie n***as with me repping Philly
Oh lord, it's the Hood Pope
Shouldn't walk 'cause I could float
Model b**h, get a good throat
Said she in love with the hood folks, god damn

[Verse 8: A$AP Nast]
Nasty baby, 2017
Big ol' diamonds in my pinky ring
Prada on me, b**h I do my thing
I ain't gotta talk to you n***as lame
Disappear on ‘em like David Blaine
Combat boots on me like Major Payne
These n***as is funny like Damon Wayans
Boy you so broke, man that sh** a shame

Member times I was broke, now I'm getting that bag
Member times I was broke, now I'm getting that bag
Member times I was broke, man I'm getting that bag
See I remember times I was broke, now a n***a chasin' that bag

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