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A$AP Nast - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Part 1 lyrics

[ASAP Rocky]
I'm who these ladies love, who your main b**h lust for
Mounts of dead presidents, and I ain't talking Rushmore
Codeine and syrup got my safe like the d**tore
Hating n***as, n***as hating, b**hes hating -- f**, boy
She a gold-digger, but who am I to judge her?
We above the law, who am I to cuff her?
It's obvious she want me, mayne
You could try to [f** her]
I be swimming in these women, I'm the scuba diver lover
Known around the globe but Harlem's where I be at
Same home as Cam'ron, and I ain't talking Diaz
Flame spitter n***a, guaranteed to get a heat rash
Ballin all seasons, subscribe for your league pa**
Rap Simon London, Louis Vuitton Don sh**s
Christian Louboutain for guys with red bottoms
Yves St. Laurent kicks, Christian Dior sponsors
Thesis snapbacks like I'm straight outta compton
Rick Owens, I own 'em
Margiellas, I did 'em
Y3's, we on it
Alexander, we miss 'im
I'm talking 'bout the king, yes, Alexander McQueen
May he live, rest in peace, and we do it through our jeans

[ASAP Nast]
I'm trying to tell 'em I see my future as crystal-clear
Shine like some crystal, yeah, so I keep pistols near
Not far at all, one reach, that's all
You sleep, sleep in the back of some old Ford pickup
On the side of the road
Cold, cold world, no J
No way, Jose
N.A. all day
S.T., that's me
Ask why, and you wonder why my flow go over guys
Who want a horse and drive
But you often find it's coffin time, no Pokemon
Plate still stuffed to the top, but ain't no pork on mine
It's quite often I could come up with Mighty Morphin rhymes
Fool think he f**ing with Nast, must have lost his mind
Yeah, you lost your mind, the throne is mine
I watch the throne
Smoking reefer, slightly past my zone
I'll soon be back at home
I'm relaxing, homes
I got the Mac tucked in my jack
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I might just act if you ain't acting right
f** it, I keep the Magnum
Bust it; n***as don't want it with my n***as, we steady coming
Hundred deep, three hundred we coming like Spartan
f**er, just pardon my flow
I come through your deli department or market
Nah, check it out
I'm swagging, my n***as with it too
Your b**h with it, I probably just hit her then I'm through
Through, I'm chilling, I'm chilling with the homies
Rolling up a couple Swishers, couple b**hes on me
I be chilling, homie
Get the picture? We all around the globe, check the flow on me

[ASAP Ferg]
(Yeah, Fergenstien you never heard of mine
I'm sippin' Persian wine with your Persian Dime)
Medusa faceded mogul
Fergenstien too cool too
Hoodlum in these Owen boots
Ricky Owen but I ain't on you
f** burnin, I thaw the booth
n***a I ain't lyin', I told the truth
Lil' kids gone hold the duece
Sip holy water, trynna seek the the truth
Uh, that was just me startin' off...

[ASAP Twelvy]
Man I came to bring the pain
Twelve be spittin' flames
Live from the two twelve with my eight dollar gang
AP, Audemar
Running like a Viking back
It's the grand with the flow, all the hoes be liking that
Recite it back
Run it back
Play it over, play it over
ASAP everything, my young n***as takin' over
Pyrex, baking soda, loud and some roll up
Cookin' up some sh** Ty Nast screamin'...

[ASAP Ferg]
Donatella on speed dial
Diamond teeth when these smile
Triple tounge, Jeremy Scotts
Margiellas on me, n***a no socks
Dropped in a b**h, n***a no pop

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