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A$AP Nast - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (June 2014) lyrics

[Verse 1: A$AP ROCKY]
Look, I'm out for presidents that represent me
Benz and Bentley, head from Lindsey
Like Lohan, n***a evidently
The hoes in every city, hella swift
Once had a bad yellow b**h
Let her strip, life ain't been the same ever since
The oddball in a room full of elephants
My elegance take me to them other elements
With j** and j**els, a chain full of evidence
My j**elry is my jury and my face got embezzlement
Motherf**in' syndicate, delicate, intelligence
Connected out to the Netherlands
My music goes out and moves predicates
So mommy, tell a friends and tell a friend
Run and tell a friend and tell a friend
Email me to tell a friend
That crack I got will sell gain
Swear this purple lean is like my medicine
Could probably roll some weed and we the best of friends
Probably go to places that I never been
I heard that voice up in my head again, represent

[Verse 2: A$AP NAST]
Yo, ayo, I'm pa**ing focus
I'm in my zone, f** who haven't noticed
Hoes ain't like me, said I'm ugly, now they actin' open
p**y soakin' I pimp that ho like my name Goldie
The name's Nast, yeah, your freak know me
I beat the box, leave that thing swollen
Peace to my city with my hammer loaded
Pigs annoying like the sound of locusts
I style wild plus my rhymes the dopest
My squad's the best, a bunch of lyrical soldiers
Rock a fella, Hova's culture
We drink Henny like soda reject chicks like “hold up”
And know the game like we supposed to
Our lives are like the rollercoaster
The up's and down's keep my fam closer
No sneak attacks, these n***as can't approach us
Damn jokers, we stack chips to keep the heat from vultures
That any day could try to run up on us, Mob life

[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky]
Mob Life, A$AP Mob life I f** a mob wife
I did it twice yeah I'm trife I don't give a f**
I k** a n***a do life do life twice you
Do 2pac like I roll dice
Put your life on the line, bet it n***a I dead it
Who said it they don't want it with n***as who set the game
f** that I don't even need a chain
I get b**hes off the game, or the swagger
In the lyrics you couldn't hear it my sh** exquisite
I'm in the… (ugh)
When I flow it, I keep it going, he got the pink bucket
Like f** it I gotta tell her s** it
She ain't never do it her man coming, and now she ducking
Now I'm in the truckin' and we in the beamer, couldn't see him
When he coming through gleamin' because I got this b**h named Tima
And she gave me her number last summer frontin on a n***a
Now I got a number one song she running to a n***a, f** that

[Verse 4: A$AP FERG]
Oh, you talkin' about Tima, riding in the beamer? (yeah)
And the sneakers was looking cleaner now they all on lean up
Now I'm tipping lean up now I'm on the clean-up
‘Cause I'm cleaning all these rappers, n***as know I'm in this
Going to the cleaners with the Beamer ‘cause I got that new Versace sh**
Now my sh** is cleaner and I'm chilling with Flex
And your b**h give me s**, and she give me the next
When I'm grabbing her text, ‘Cause I got the tech with the vest
And you shooting at your neck, n***a you about to get it next

[Verse 5: A$AP ROCKY]
I'm so bomb, Flex drop one
f** that, hella hoes, Flex we got one
Yo, I might be like 2Pac's son
I pop one, f** it take it to Queens I pop them
f** that got a shotgun, Glock Glock, pull it
f** that, you couldn't see these, ra-ra, bullets
Ra-ta-ta-ta, Ra-ta-ta-ta, n***a fu-fu sh**
f** that I come through with that exclusive new sh**
You on that FUBU sh**, I'm I got a new boo sh**
I don't give a f** I'm on that red sh**, that blue sh**
That white, black bulltsh** you act quick
Mac quick, I don't give a f** i rap until I got chapped lips
I keep chapstick my flow make you do back flips
I act sick, you act sick? I pack six
Gins, triggers, n***as, couldn't f** with us
Tommy Hilfiger, we brought it back, all of that
Starter caps and we got the naughty shorties
They love it, coming in the club with forties
Like, we couldn't afford these
Motherf**in' wine and champagne bottles
Is you out your f**in' mind?
I could save a dime, a hundred times
If I pop it like I'm f**in' balling
But I ain't, I'm shot calling
Who coming home?

[Verse 6: A$AP FERG]
Yo, yo, when you getting slow bucks they come at your name
And I come off flipping like Flex and Dame
n***as don't know I stay flexin' on ya dame
And that b**h gave me the a**, she gave me the brain

[Verse 7: A$AP ROCKY & A$AP FERG]
Until 50 cent run up and take your chain
He ain't gonna do that to me ‘cause I got that thing
Oh sh**, I heard he with the G-Unit gang
Ay, but we with that A$AP MOB

[Verse 8: A$AP ROCKY]
Shout outs to Slow Buds
That's my n***a, he know its love
I give no f**s
I know this b**h named Simmy she gives me floor f**s
You know I gave about four bucks
‘Cause she a known ho, but you know, keep that on the low though
I walk down yellow brick like Toto
I got a four do', ruby slippers, I got my b**h with her
She got a b**h Suzie with her
And you know I did it in the Jacuzzi
And you remember them b**h from back in the day
With the finger waves?

[Verse 9: A$AP FERG]
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You talking about Suzie, in the Jacuzzi?
Wearing Gucci? She got the fat coochie
With the big a** booty? (uh huh) I remember that shorty
She was drinking a forty and she was acting naughty
Yeah, I like to get up in the red though
And she liked my clothes and she liked my earlobes

[Verse 10: A$AP ROCKY]
Yeah though, but you know, she likes to f** with the weirdos
We don't do those, I'm a werewolf, we don't wear those
I like the b**hes, the birds, I flock ‘em, I'm a scarecrow
Flacko be the name, yeah ho, f** that sh** it's my year though
Nast what you said, remember the b**h that would give…

[Verse 11: A$AP NAST]
We shot but we don't ever hear though
I'm here but I'm not like air though
I put the shot to your earlobe
Yo Nasty style, nasty baby, and I'm wild
Who that? That's the kid, go ask about him
Hold up, n***as throw...from the bottom
f** that...

[Verse 12: A$AP ROCKY]
I got one question, while you flowing
Flex been doing this for years so he knowing
We got it open and you know this sh** clean
Ayo, Flex you a vet, can I get a sixteen?
What's popping man? Let me hear something
Drop a bomb for the town n***a
(I don't even have a ten or a twelve)

[Verse 13: A$AP NAST]
I'm out for presidents who represent me
I'm hardcore buzzing, ain't got time for stunting
Ain't got time for nothing, I'm that new era quit your speculation boy
That's nasty baby, now he crazy, like , who f**ing with the boy?
Super lowed out, I had my team, my sneaks, my jeans and all that
Perform in all black, your b**h is wet like where her draws at?
I've had in all that, I've f**ed her once and never call back
Can't trust these dusty b**hes on my ballsack
f** with the door cracked, you clowns can hate or get your skull cracked
When I be wasted, taking blunts of Cali's finest took each to the face
I know complacent G's, warm-hearted the rapper-type, that act alike
No we don't rap alike, the flow courageous, son of Satan, we up

[Verse 14: A$AP ANT]
YG Addie back on that bullsh**
Like Carl Ripken when the ball hit
Y'all broke n***as giving out no tips
Y'all order one bottle, y'all share sips
You got no hoes n***a you ain't no pimp
I about to touch the sky see my name on a blimp
Bought Coke white air-1's looking like a mint
Lint on your pocket looking real famished
Get a little buzz then y'all vanish
I'm over the pot, I'm doing magic
I rush like a brick, real tannish
I speak into the plug in Spanish
I got a dope strip, out in Kansas
I ride on a horse like a bandit
Send me back in school like a f**ing campus
Free crack, free crack I whip in the wrist
I got a red-nosed chick just like a pit
(Chanting: Drop a bomb on it Flex)

[Verse 15: A$AP TWELVY]
Yo, I'm like die another day
Try another day
n***as dying everyday
I'm just tryna get away
Feeling nice up in the stu'
I'm just tryna get my pay
Is he tryna play it safe
Well I'm tryna make ya shake
Break the bank
Like my n***a Q all up in your safe
I got this b**h think I'm cute
All up in my face
If she move like she gotta move
She can get a spade
If I do what I gotta do
I could get a plate
Feel it's hard up in these street
I've been starving for some weed
f** the stardom, I'll take the f**in' sneakers off your feet
Look at me, so unique, tell you n***as I'm just living like a G
In the land of the free, I'm just tryna be me
See, free is the only way to be motherf**er
(Chanting: Drop a bomb on it Flex)

[Verse 16: A$AP FERG]
I jump like Wesley in White Men Can't Jump
Don't touch my shoes, these ain't Reebok Air Pumps
I'm balling different these Yves Saint Laurent
I'm telling you I put crosses on them like AND-1
I'm Shamguard with the Vanguard
I'm a damn Lord not a damn guard
Most of you like damn broads
Pocket full with tampons
Get a teaspoon of this medication
Keep working and watch he boom of a dedication
Blow up like its detonation, so much I could dead a nation
Martin had a dream? Well I be blacking like its segregation
Hold up? What I say? I said I'm not Madoff
But I made off, scheming on n***as pay off
I never take a day off
Your stache is shaved off, like Adolf Hitler
You should lay off, on the game you talk ‘cause you fake dog
You never pushed no yay dog
Ain't seen no keys like Ray Charles
It's me and Meek in a Maybach
We get Wale and take off
We got your b**h in a big house
She walkin' hype like “Hey Rock, how you doing?”
Get with her and take her now we ballin
Out to the Lakers how we ballin'
Like you vacant, you probably catching the vapors
House on a hill, f**ed your girl and your neighbors
Thinking Khloe don't know me? I'm in the Kardashian haven
I'm in a Kardashian, I'm lying, can't I pretend?
They say fake it ‘til you make it
Well let the faking begin
I got a b**h with fake titties, fake a** she all in the Benz
Titties will probably fall like a ball when she bend
My n***as from Harlem, and Philly all get it in
If your b**h come around us, we f**ing her and a friend

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