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A$AP Nast - Bangin' on Waxx lyrics

She love me, I'm a thug

Yeah, it's that mothaf**in' Ferg
Sipping that Persian wine
Egyptian god, Dark Caesar line
Talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all, big money sh**

All of these b**hes is on me
All of my b**hes is rocking Devoni

Talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all

[Verse 1]
This that f**ing n***a, Fergen-stein
And I'm finna shine, cause a n***a on his grind
Sipping that lean and I'm finna lose my f**ing mind
Kissing codeine and I f**ing commit crime, see ya hear me?
n***as know with me! Bobby, Whitney, spit that crack
Got that Mac, in the back of the Acura black
As matter of fact, get them facts, right
Coming through with the f**ing gun or the knife
Do you want your wife, do you want your life, tell me n***a
And I got that heater, you know that Tommy Hilfiger

[Interlude: Ty Beats]
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Ty Beats the God, A$AP Ferg the God, we A$AP
Talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all, big money

Herringbone on my neck, bulletproof my vest
Shorty get in my Lex, she about to give me s**
Cause of my Rolex, giving me dope neck
Back to the studio, now she f**ing the whole clique

[Interlude: Nast]
Nasty baby, n***a crack in the sock, 90's n***a, uh

[Verse 2: Nast]
What a mothaf**in' day
Nasty back and I'm strapped with that mothaf**in' AK
Got this crack up in my, sock
And these coppers on my dick, they tryna catch me on the f**ing block
Rat-tat-tat when I squirt
I don't give a damn about your life so I'mma lay you in this f**ing dirt
Now get in my hearse, should have got him a purse, n***as is p**y
I said it don't push me, I'm all on my grind and they can't overlook me
I style in my Stussy, hoes wanna do he
Like him in a Ksubi, come get at this coochie, I'm smelling like "ooo wee"
Rubbing your booty while I'm smoking a loosie in my jacuzzi
I told that b**h, if you feel it, might be woozie, come and see me
I can hit it in a, in a movie, then I'm leaving
Out to my city, where I be breezing, I come through sneezing
Up on that track just how I do it, I'm speaking the fluent
You talking that sh**, I'm one of the new kids, just spitting up fluid, b**h

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