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A$AP Ferg - Slay lyrics

Feat : Meek Mill

[Intro – Meek Mill]
Chasing that bag, chasing that bag
Lil fish

[Verse 1 – Meek Mill]
Woke up this morning I had a ménage
Loaded the foreigns I packed the garage
We do it big like we back in the sky
Maybe I'll sell if I rap and I lie
Maybe I'll sell if I let n****s write it
These n****s swagger jacking and they bite it
This for my n****s trapping out them Hondas
Tryna get designer Gucci they attire
Walk in this b***h and it's quiet
I break a heart then I buy it
I probably get her a Bourke
I take that back, s**t I'm lying
I'm on the jet when I'm flying
I'm in the Bentley, I'm wheeling
I'm in the trench with my n****s and I know the feeling to see 20 million

Funny money n****s counterfeit
I could tell you ain't been around the s**t
Like a swiper, when I got the black card
80 of them burners if they counterfeit
Seen the money, and I know the sound of it
It go (vrrrt vrrrt!)
That's a lot of it
Know that language that money machine clicking
They been rap dissing, I ain't seen, n****s
Know Omelly ready, I got D with us
7 on me, I got lean with us
Like that dirty dirty, how I lean n****s
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My wrist so subzero like freeze n****s
Finish them n****s, I put an end to them n****s
I'm on the roof with that scope
When I hit them little b*****s like Remy my n***a

[Hook/Chorus – ASAP Ferg]
You save 'em, we slay 'em
Girl I ball

[Verse 2 – ASAP Ferg]
Whip whip whip, whip it
Me and your b***h in a Bentley
Making it rain when she stripping
Hold up the umbrella like Bentley
F**k with a n***a that's righteous
Call me Mr. East Coast I'm the tightest
I remember when [bedbugs] was biting
God bless me like a n***a got sinus
Holy Ghost, I'm a baptist
F*****g on ratchets
Might get a night get an actress
Who give me the top when I slap it
Feeling like DJ Khaled
She grabbing on my d**k getting careless
Man I had to k** this beat, I'm a savage
Meek Milly drop 20 on the atlas

[Verse 3 – Meek Mill]
Back in this b***h and you know we reloaded
Look at the credits and tell you who wrote it
I had that b***h on my d**k and she rode it
And she wouldn't speak to you n****s and you know it
I'm out in Cali I'm looking for Khloe
Kylie, Kourtney or maybe Kendall, finesse with that swagger You know ima swindle you n****s dont getting the s**t that I'm mental
S**t that I'm saying will prolly offend you
You acting rowdy like Bobby was with you
You only talk when that molly up in you

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