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504 Boyz - Big Toys lyrics

What what what what what

Who talkin noise?
We makin noise
504 boy
Playin with them big toys

Motherf**ers its mac
The one who pump slugs in your back
Lyrical attacka
Keep it ghetto like black lacqua
Camo'd a**asin
To the best (?) the epitomy
Of a soulja
Bustin like I got chips up on my shoulda
Hold your horses
I come through like "whatchu wanna do?"
Murder who?
I k** that whole crew with a 2-2
These n***az rookie
I crush em like pink cookies
Dont f** with me
When im broke
Pissed off
And my b**h aint given me no nookie
Kinda glad P took me
Off the streets to make duckies
Now I take supermodels to hotels
And make whoopie
Pull they hair
Call em out they names
Dont you like that?
Then I give my lil sister the cash
So she strike that
n***az like mac
Rock mercedez benz toe bustas
And I only shop at them military
Stores cousin
Solja rag on my eyes till I die
n***a what?
Im a Tank Dogg
These n***az is just mutts

[Chorus (X2)]

My n***a Jeff just got 30 years
f** MC
Went in a house
Found a safe with about 3 bricks
Thats that punk b**h Deuce-A
Sweatin my n***az
He wont rest until my whole click's
Doin some figgaz
Can we ride on my enemy's late tonite?
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A young n***a
With a .45
Bustin on site
What I might
Is whether (?) bleed with pa**ion
See this drug game to me
Is like a fatal attraction
Salvation from this life
Thats what I need
See these jealous a** n***az
Wont let me breathe
Will I succeed in this cold world?
Pray for me please
I dont get caught up in this rap life
A dying disease
Over seas is where they come from
We know who sent them
If them b**hes six-teenth
I believe ill get them
I aint f**in with no new n***az
Believe im ballin
If I ever go to jail
Big Boz im callin
Will my real n***az ride for me?
Believe they will
If I get k**ed
Bring me back to the IvoryVille

[Chorus (X2)]

They say only god can judge me
My peepz say "yeah there be world war 3
Prolly in the year 2 G
But livin this street life
Im thuggin and ready to rumble
With any n***a that ready to tussle
I feel as if im at the edge of my life
So I give it to them raw
In the heat of the night
I aint hard to find
Im the n***a with the two 9's
Next to the Last Don
n***a thugged out for mine
A Made Man
The Bossalinie of the scenery
And be full of that greenery
When you peepin me
Im full of that crime family
Im on the grind and I can handle that
I aint trappin
I gotta weigh that shake
Ima hit them with these ghetto ingredients
Some ghetto dope
Go round tweekin
And get D.I.G.
Thats me im a young n***a
f** around with me dog
And y'all get done n***a

[Chorus (X4)]

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