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504 Boyz - If You Real, Keep It Real (Feat. Master P… lyrics

Be all you can be
This No Limit sh** tho...
We in this for life
This not just a job baby
This an adventure, ya heard me?

Now if you real, keep it real
But if you fake, then you phony
Go join the navy
You can't f** with this army

[Master P]
I gave a couple n***as some tanks and I want 'em back
n***a sent me some beats... But I don't want that
In '89 I had a Benz, you ain't had a buck
I bought your only f**in house, and your first f**in truck
You pawn your rolley boy?
Oh... You doin' bad?
Stop trickin' to them hoes, and you wouldn't be on your a**
Now when times got hard
You ran your mouth like a b**h
Sold your soul to the devil, when you ran with other cliques
You ain't no soldier boy
Take that tat off your stomach
n***a talkin' bout he love me
But b**h you love my money
Now if greed come between me and my n***as
May god bless his soul
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And I hope he forgive me


[Silkk The Shocker]
These fake n***as gon' fall off
We gonna be around for a minute
That's why n***as, shoot shots and run
We stick around and finish
Now... See me dogg?
I'm around to win it
And I don't f** around with you n***as
Stop step the f** away from around my Bentley
I'm bought to blow off these fake n***as head
Sayin' "what's wrong with Slim?"
Them n***as fake P
That's why there's no f**in' songs with them
We put our money together
Just like we started with crack
We let a couple n***as shine
We bought to take it back
You know it's mic's now n***a
We started with gats
Let a n***a play me on the streets
So dogg, I ain't gonna start with this rap
Gonna let them fake n***as go
That's how we gonna settle down
If we hustle we stil be rich b**h... If we never rap


P talking till the end of the song

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