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50 Cent - Flip On You lyrics

(feat. Schoolboy Q)

[Intro: 50 Cent]
50, uh
Schoolboy Q

[Hook: 50 Cent & Schoolboy Q]
n***a you gon' make me Flip On You!
You gon' make me flip this knife out do some sh** to you!
n***a you gon' make me Flip On You!
n***a you gon' make me-you gon' make me Flip On You!
n***a you gon' make me Flip On You!
You gon make me pull the strap out, do some sh** to you!
n***a you gon' make me Flip On You!
n***a you ain't gon' be moving when this clip is through!

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
n***a, I'm the one that bought all them b**hes out
Got a G-A-T this MVP don't run his mouth, n***a
You gon' make me fill this clip for you
You gon' make me unload then reload 'em number 2
n***a, I've been known to get them Oxys off
I believe in God, but cross my heart this knock go off
n***a, I'm from the Mecca of the Groove
The Hoover Crip, I grew up on Figg I had to dodge them County Blues
Live my life behind the rules
Running from the cops, smash the rocks up under my shoes
Spit out the eighth that once, hid in my face
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Bounce spring over the gate, didn't get caught
I guess my escape, n***a was fate
I love the block and all the dogs that kept me safe
Now it's, back to adding, points to the crime rate
Get slumped in your drive way
You gon' make me hurt your boy
You gon' make me put that work in boy
You gon' make me get to murkin' boy


[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
Focus on money, I'm in and out a** fast
She loosen up against the wall like a NASCAR crash
Got a bunch of enemies, I count my friends on one hand
Ghetto philosophy, watch me, I got a hundred scams
Like we could make a few dollars, that there a hundred grams
I got a gift, I communicate with the afterlife
Apparently, your b**h a** ain't acting right
n***as k**ed your man, you ain't gon' get him back?
What? You is tired out? Why you ain't get around to that?
You wander, I travel, I have a destination
I'll be a street legend new version of Pappy Mason
My style? It'll never die, boy I'm a model
You shoot me down, I'll get back up and keep coming for you
Man on fire, hitman for hire
Them n***as got happy they thought I was gon' retire
Now they b**h giving me head, I'm the man, a man admires
What's up?


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