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50 Cent - "East Coast Fire" lyrics

Tempo 100.00
Key A Minor

Verse 1

I'll run up in your house and put the gun in your mouth
Then kidnap your wife and leave my come on your couch
If you want to front then I'm airing you out
I already got the Jays then the airs came out
I'm going to straight aim at anything in my way
East coast rider with my east coast waves
The girl you're going with want to make me her s** slave
But I ain't no punk n***a
n***a I'm too brave
You n***as straight homo like B2Gay
I'll catch them in the backstreet boy with the tool on deck
If they got j**els on deck I'll take a n***a's chain and watch with my Glock
Whoop a n***a's a** with a rock and a sock like them African boys down the block
You're making it hot
So I had to drop the top
Don't start cause them things will pop

Chorus x2

I got that "east coast fire."
I got that "east coast fire."
I got that "east coast fire."
I'm an east coast rider with that "east coast fire."

Verse 2
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I got that east coast fire
I'll ride on the west hoe
Catch a n***a slipping and I'll spray him with the tech though
"East coast fire."
But my weed from the west and I'm whipping the Yay
n***a I'm too fresh
If you're scared go to church cause I'll do you the worst
This music sh** is second but the hustle is first
Boy you ain't no gangster
You ain't doing no dirt
I'll leave you like Swiss cheese and put some holes in your shirt
All my n***as get low when the twelve come through
Knocking at my door who the hell are you?
Bullets get it shaking and the shells pump too
Homie there is no mistaking
You are now lunch food
Now we get it shaking in the city
See me
All these new n***as want to be me
See me
Rat a tat tat with the semi out the window
Close a n***a spot and turn that to my get low

Chorus x2

I got that "east coast fire" homie
You are now riding with the finest east coast rider on this side
Lets ride out

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