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50 Cent - ...and there was Alkaflav lyrics

( Intro: Crystal Dice )
Is another one from crystal dice
I gat my hell buddies right here wit me!
Let's go

( Crystal Dice:rap)
Let the moon shine fill the gla**
Pave way for lucif
Let the sh** begun
Light on light on
Let them see me
And if they blind
I bring more fire
A tale of a legend
Started with a worthless ring
Coz sh** gat it looking good
So they came around
Chamber vultures
And the dead dramas
Bury those jokers
You know fake gold go for few pennies
That made me trash that
Now I gat a raw black
With a blinding 9
Girlfriends came around looking for commitment
Go Google d**h
You can have a drink with me
But august said it all
I gat hotlist
My b**hes
I call ‘em up
This is it
I smoke when am filled
With Marijuana
Emotion gat my style-dull
Now selling at filling station
Time gat me racing
Against the world
I should be heading that
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Am talking one-nation
I held it back for so long
Now am bringing soul
The world tot I fell
Just like the dragon
Mortal is still no match
Is common saying
I gat eyez on the money
Ya know this paper
Better follow me
Coz time ain't friend
Heard losers talking sh**
Got in my kick
Trying to walk my walk
... i guess is just days
Before ??? pa**ed on
I gat to be a better man
And live a flashy life
Rich n***as smiling wow
Not until they felt the 9
You own this
They deny
American my throne
Africans in cla**
The queen with the Euros and Asian my buddy
I want my b**hes fresh
I want my n***as fly
Before the time-out
( Lil tune)
Yeah yeah
Whine for me
Look for me
I am mu
I tried- all
Works in me
Life is a b**h
I write-all
I write all

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