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50/50 Twin - I Hold My Own lyrics

[Hook - 2x]
I hold my own, I ain't worried bout you
M-O-E is what it is, when I do what I do
Money over everything, except family and God
Heater on my lap, swanging down the boulevard

I never knew that it would be later, but I'm living proof
Fo' clips and a click of gorillas, can show the world the Truth
So they say my attitude, is the reason I won't make it out Houston Texas
I'm a Asshole to the death, huh better leave me in Houston Texas
I ride for the one and only, Mr. Robert Davis
Who A.K.A. the King of the H, so you niggas know who the greatest
Don't make me watch what happened, it ain't no more doing no songs
Until they give that at me touched, and I still feel like you in the wrong
They better get back cause I'm back in the zone, I pack chrome blown no better give me my space
Unless you wanna see em I get deep when I'm about to click, giving hands to your face
Ain't too much, niggas done got me back to the corner ready to for the mail
I wanna get to heaven, but right now I'm still creeping through hell
That's why it's finna be drama, till the day that I decide
That I'm sick of giving em drama, niggas gon learn
A arrogant Asshole, can really be a problem to motherfuckers
Empty the clip, and get to squabbing you motherfuckers for real

[Hook - 2x]

Don't get beside yourself nigga, unless you wanna suffer the consequence
I promise you bout to get beat the fuck up, for trying to push your confidence
The pain is a given, but still I choose to play it even against the odds
I'ma be one to take the chance, put these niggas off in they place like broads
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Half of the time, it be the hate to make these niggas think they can try ya
Till they see you bout your gangsta, now they ass scared to get by ya
Gorillas don't play, even amongst eachother we gon be
Fuck around and I call the coach, just watch how fast you lose your teeth
I'm heated and on the daily, I wake up on the wrong side of the bed
From what they said, off of my actions I'll be headed for dead
It is what it is, no excuse and no apologizing
Just dedication from the fuck-you finger, I'm emphasizing
I'm A.B.N., I make my own rules to live the streets
Ford and Berry got a problem, cause he done all that ain't gon stop the heat
It's gonna be a ride, so it's best to buckle your belt together
Fuck Sonny bitch, you about to witness some crucial weather

[Hook - 2x]

[50/50 Twin]
Hot days under the sun, voice meter pack guns
Refusing to tuck my tail, turned me into a Don
Many missions are to come, I feel like they won
Me losing a fight ever, I recall one
Northside to the South, real recognize real
My words touch your gut, then you feel like I feel
This S.L.A.B. and Roc-4-Roc, why stop cause a hater hate
Camera on the bumper, peeping robbers as I navigate
Agitate or eritate 50, is a no-no
Leave your ass laying on the street, like a hobo
Tipping on five fo's, one on the trunk
Six 15's bump, make my rearview jump
License plate not crooked, looking good gripping wood
It's the same in every hood, time to eat and get full
Hustle till I fall asleep, then I dream about money
Money talk bullshit walk, you fronting

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