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50/50 Twin - Have Nuts Have Bucks lyrics

What the bidness is, it's that boy 50/50
Half of him anyway, you hearing that Ounce 4 Ounce right now
I ain't gon even say it, it's all hood what's up Dion

[50/50 Twin]
I ain't got time to play crawl on grey, fifth fall in your face
When you see me I'ma ball in the place, poke 84's I'ma hog up your space
Money go get that's my mo'f**ing race, see no color I'm a gutter brother
Playa K got my tape chopped and stuttered, dual exhaust shoot fire out the muffler
Chill with Dolla main man 'Tana, drive red sled down the slopes like Santa
Threw a ten in the 20 ounce Fanta, shift too many gears broke the clutch I'm a stander
Bread everywhere like a n***a grow weed, ten thee a day best believe I'm gon eat
Too many dimes hell yeah I'm gon cheat, grind in the hail rain snow even sleet

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[Hook - 2x]
Hell we hateless get this do', you ran out of money go get some mo'
Have nuts have bucks the results gon show, build clientele and the paper gon flow

I'ma get the do' spit the flow, ask your baby daddy what he snitching fo'
I don't even want to f** your raggedy a** hoe, you can go to hell I'ma buy some dro
Six and three five and fo', take another road backdo' lil' joe
Don't be a hoe put your money on the flo', I don't think they know bout the D-I-O
Iced up papered up in a Diablo, eeny-meeny-miney-moe pick me out a hoe
See me chasing bread see me there I go, I ain't got the blow you should see my snow
Where my phone I need some dro, call my boy T it's to he I go
Cinderella kush about a thee I blow, it's Dion representing for the Twin 5-0

[Hook - 2x]

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