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5 Star Generals - The Return lyrics

I've been broken...but never phased...
I've been doubted by you all...I've been betrayed...
But even after all that sh** i been through it just made me hungrier..wiser...stronger...better...

Welcome to Bragging Rights...

This is a celebration of a new coming of age...I'm the definition of determination...of willpower...but forget all the wanna hear bars right?

Mr. Fritz...

I've been living and contemplating.../
How to get away from predictable conversations/
Bout chasing all these hoes like we living incarcerated/
Only things we care about is the liquor and fornication/
Like "f** it I'm young..."/
Knowing at anytime, I could kick the bucket I'm done/
That's consequences when you run with a gun/
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Ain't nobody giving second chances or tough lucks where I'm from/
Mattapan, where they teach you "man up" 'fore you run/
A n***a raised ignorant...
But a Black Einstein/
My mindstate's vigilant...
They'll never stop my grind, I'm.../
Old enough to know that life ain't white picket fences/
And young enough to keep hitting them cause the Fritz relentless/
KUK's my coalition, seeing them fold/
Is similar to Big Show...doing limbo/
n***as hungry, music looking like some french rolls/
And we gon get it cause I says so!/

Welcome to Bragging Rights....I'm your host...Mr. Fritz/
And you know why I call this album Bragging Rights?
Cause no matter what I matter what I go matter the adversity...I still come out on top...

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