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5 Star Generals - My Bag lyrics

(Ay , ay ,ay .. YUT)
"Burna..Lotta..I ain't even go in my bag yet..You ain't even heard..The half yet"

Play a little this in you're Dre beats //
Boy my Ish so cold, man i bet you get brain freeze //
And im so focused , can't sh*t phase me //
I could give em every upper to get geeked on //
And they'd still on me, sh**s crazy ! //
But im bout to shake sh*t up, bout to wake em up like their momma used to (used ta) //
Its Burna b*tch im the weed GOD,blessed him wit a pack he said Hallelujah //
Put your hands together, im just praying i can get a couple bands together //
Ya the traps cool, its easy money but it ain't really in my plans for ever //
Hell na man im tryna go legit //
Invest and make a few flips //
Plan a tour and take a few trips //
I'm making these hits, tryna get heard //
I been coolin waiting my turn //
But i heard some of these other dudes and i dont believe one word //
I hear in ya'll raps, none of its facts //
Talkin bout the trap? you ain't never seen a pack //
Im just standing down with my dogs and we don't F*ck with none of you cats //
I tried showin love, you ain't wanna show it back //
Im done with the subject, ill leave it at that //
Just know thats WHY, my show and my feature price HIGH //
Like me when i breathe that Gas (WOAHKAY) //
I ain't even go in my bag yet, ya'll ain't even really here the half yet //
Last dude tried to run off with a bag, had my dudes at his door for his a**ets //
Keep a couple bands, i ain't never seen a rap check //
Not a hoe in town worth hittin i ain't had yet //
And thats just real, if i did do Ish with ya mistress, F*ck how you feel...For real //
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I ain't even go in My Bag yet //
Just think..I ain't even go in my bag yet //
F*ck a hook man let me talk my sh*t



Im the one and only Young HIGHcon , there ain't no one else identical //
I smoke good weed, no chemicals, one time for the 5 star Generals (now) //
Lemme fill my cup with the mud to the peak, ima drug this beat //
You know how it be getting cold in the East ? //
Well ima go and get a pair of "Gloves" for my feet //
Im talkin bout Payton's , lips to the cup like we datin //
When it comes to money i ain't got no patience //
Ill take it before i start waitin //
Do your research before you start hatin //
I can't wait to tell my momma i made it //
She gon' say "WOAHKAY" ..Thats my cadence //
See im the first one to do a lot of sh*t , and ya'll keep second guessing my greatness //
I dont really get it? na i dont really get it..F*ck it im just tryna get it //
I could pick up weight and get that work out of i wasn't young and athletic //
Cause i dont wanna work a day shift , i wanna sleep late and eat steak tips //
Wit some good friends, if i got any left cause i see a lot of solid dudes shape shift //
Man who's real ? Who's not? Who's gonna turn on me when i pop ? //
Hope everyone that says they rock with me supports my sh** when it drops //
And if not , F*ck em im used to it //
Made a 5 band jugg and i blew threw it //
You think you can do it better man you do it//
You dont know my name yet b**h Youtube it .. Burnalotta ..Young HIGHcon..Ha

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