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21 Savage - Darth Vader lyrics

Feat : Offset & Metro Boomin

[Hook/Chorus 1 – Offset]
Yeah, the game I finessed it, yeah “ooh”
I count up the blessings “count up the blessings”
The diamonds is precious
Ain't having no pressure “no”
I bought the plain Philipe, they said I was being too extra
I brought the gang with me, he k**ed 10 with the suppressor “gang”
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Recording all night, she sleep
B---h wake up, this d--k is for breakfast “wake-up”
Oh you tryna vibe with me? You gotta be there? “hey”
Got camera surveillance, cause all of us made it
The mansion is gated “mansion is gated”

Ain't no room for a hater
Private jet with the whole thing

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