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21 Savage - Mind Yo Business lyrics

I can tell these n***a's scared the way they talk
Gold pyrex, I put diamonds on my fork
Pull up on your block, white Chalk
Chopper bullets skate, Tony Hawk
I'ma cut your fingers off if you shout
Pop a perc, hit the cup, n***a pause
Hundred round drum, round of applause
b**hes know I got that bag Santa Claus
I drink lean and I pop xans
Slaughter Gang, we the Glock clan
Poppin' molly n***a, San-Tan
I'm back on that bullsh** again
I wanna f** your best friend
I just went a bought a brand new Benz
b**h I came from the bottom
We was starving, we was robbing

Mind your business, b**h
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Mind your business, b**h
Mind your business, b**h
Mind your business, b**h
We ain't with that friendly sh**
That friendly sh**
That friendly sh**
That friendly sh**
Catch 'em out back, roll the window down and smash
Another toe-tagged n***a laying in the gra**

Five shooters in the back of the Uber n***a and they ready to shoot
I tie my laces, I dip in that bag n***a and I take me a boof
I'm the Slaughter King n***a, I don't give a f** about you
You get you some money, you get you some fame, these b**hes gon' come out the blue
Bullet holes in my body, paranoid I'ma pop it
If you snitchin' I'ma pop it, wrong move, I'ma drop it
.15 in my sock, trappin' at the bus stop
Came from a n***a rock, now I got a whole block


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