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21 Savage - How To Ball lyrics

Hundred bricks, on my face card
(Struggling for the motherf**ing traps in the trunk n***a)
Yeah n***a, 21 savage n***a
I showed the young n***a how to ball n***a
Shirofresh on the track n***a, Hundred bricks n***a
Front it n***a face card good n***a
Been getting money young n***a
21, 21
( n***a)

Hundred bricks, On my face card
No keys, push start
Bad b**hes, foreign car
I can show the young n***as how to ball
Imma show the young n***as how to ball (x4)

[Verse 1]
Imma show a n***a how to get some paper (lil n***a)
Imma show a n***a how to get some cash (young n***a)
Ye ain't got it trust you need to get it fast (hurry, hurry)
Young fly n***a got a lot of swag
I like smoking gas
I like cooking gla**
Wait a minute, wait a minute(hold up)
New Jag
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Paper tag, hundred thousand cash
Got these n***a mad, got these b**hes mad
Shoutout to my plug cuz he sent a lot of bag
Shoutout to myself cuz I sell them real fast
AK-47 with the nightstand
Shoot a n***a from the mounds like the taliban


[Verse 2]
Imma show the young n***as how to ball
I-I-I just left the mall
I swear I try to buy it all
I walked to Ferragamo bought the whole wall
Real street n***a all I go is hard
When I'm in the building better cuff your broad
Chevy and lil half they'll pull your card
Rolex on my wrist they call me forty large
All a n***a do is get money
Put em on the stick we gunning
Spent a hundred thousand that's nothing
Say you get money you fronting
Popping out since I done it
That canneroll f**ing up your stomach
And we chilling with a k**er we thugging
n***a make the wrong move he blooded


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